Hair Transplant in Cleveland Ohio

Restore Your Hair!

It’s not easy making a commitment to discuss your hair loss concerns with just anyone. However, you can feel confident knowing that at Van Scoy Hair Clinic in Ohio, we are not just anyone.  We want to help guide you through the maze of super information so you can make an informed and educated decision to reclaim your confidence and restore your hair. At Van Scoy Hair Clinic you will find knowledgeable and trained technicians who will answer your questions and educate you about transplanting your hair. If your hair is thinning or you are suffering from hair loss you need to look no further than getting a hair transplant!

The Hair Transplant Procedure

During the hair transplant procedure permanent hairs are harvested from the back and sides of the head. Because of the large amount of permanent hairs in these areas, removal of this hair does not negatively affect a patient’s look. A suture will be used to close the donor site. The suture is hidden under the hair in the back and sides (note: the suture may be more visible in patients with especially short hair). The suture is then removed around ten days following the procedure.

Multi-Unit Hair Grafting

MULTI-UNIT HAIR GRAFTING® from PAI Medical Group® is the procedure that can give you greater coverage and density and a natural looking hairline while being cost effective. While some people may not be candidates for hair transplantation, with new harvesting techniques, there are more people eligible for hair transplants than ever before. With a Multi-Unit Hair Graft™ procedure, more hair can be transplanted in a single procedure than “Follicular-unit” transplanting. For you, this means less time away from work, fewer procedures, and a smaller financial investment.

Avoid A Bad Experience

Today’s modern transplant eradicates the horrors of transplants of the past. If you feel stuck with a bad hair transplant or know someone who has there’s no need to fear. We use the most modern approach to hair transplantation available. What is critical in finding the best solution to your hair loss is to find the best physician and the right procedure that will give you the most aesthetically pleasing results. You can feel confident in choosing Van Scoy Hair Clinic!


We will work with you! At Van Scoy Hair Clinic have great financial plans available. Click here to find out more about our plans.

Our Hair Transplant Methods Have Excellent Results!

Results are a permanent, natural looking hairline you can be proud to show.

Reduces procedures and maximizes results (more hair can be transplanted per procedure meaning fewer procedures).

Results in a natural appearance – NO “pluggy” or “doll hair” look.

Is a lower cost per hair transplanted, maximizing results and affordability.

The result is your hair may grow for the rest of your life! At Van Scoy Hair Clinic, only the best procedure with the greatest benefits is acceptable for our clients. Which is why our Hair Transplant Services are performed in the Van Scoy Hair Clinic building.

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*These treatments may or may not work for you.