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Nothing compares to Micro Point for Women. In fact, because they are so natural and practically invisible, you’ve probably seen them on the red carpet. It’s the solution that doesn’t have to be revealed. Now almost anyone with thin, fine hair can be ready for the red carpet. Problem solved!

Micro Point for Women hair replacement solutions is a non-surgical procedure for Women, using a micro-mini extension. It is a light weight, comfortable and non damaging procedure that does not use glue or solvents in the application.

Micro Point for Women - Ashland, Cleveland, Columbus, Ohio

Women’s Hair Replacement by CyberHair

Add Volume, Fullness and Body to Fine, Thin Hair

One solution stands out by being almost invisible. Micro Point For Women Solutions featuring Cyberhair has solved the problems of other extensions. Known as the “healthy alternative to extensions”, Micro Point Solutions offers patented options for women with fine or thinning hair.

What is Micro Point Solutions?

Micro Point Solutions is the only extension on the market using Cyberhair, the most lightweight hair available that loves water! It is a created hair that looks and feels like human hair, wet or dry. Cyberhair is feather light, many times stronger than natural growing hair, and has moisture content and style memory, allowing you freedom to be as active as you’ve always been. Think about having thousands of new strands of hair to comb, brush and style.

Micro Point Solutions is totally unique from any other process because:

Micro Points Hair Extensions for Women - Cleveland, Columbus, Ashland, Ohio

  • Cyberhair is so lightweight and so similar to growing human hair; you can’t feel it and you can’t differentiate it from your own hair.
  • With Micro Point Solutions, you can add up to 6,000 hairs in one hour.
  • Absolutely no chemicals or glues are used.
  • Micro Point Link is a non-surgical process that volumizes your hair by 400%.

Micro Point Hair Loss Solutions FAQ:

Is Micro Point Solutions a transplant surgery?
No, Micro Point Solutions does not involve surgery. Micro Point Link is a micro-tiny, non-surgical procedure to give density and volume to fine, thin hair.

Is Micro Point Solutions a Hair Extension?
Micro Point Solutions does offer an extension called Micro Point Accents. This is the healthiest hair volumizer in the industry today. YOU can use Accents to volumize and create more density for short or medium length hair, or if you have long hair, receive Micro Point Accents to volumize your hair. Micro Point Accents come in two lengths – 10 or 18 inches. Micro Point Accents are very light in weight and will not pull your own growing hair when it is wet or dry.

How long will my Micro Point Solutions procedure take?
Time is based on how thin your hair is and how much of the Micro Point Solutions product your consultant feels you need to give you the look that you are seeking. Your certified Micro Point Solutions consultant/technician customizes the procedure to give you the type of volumizing you are seeking.

Can anyone benefit form the Micro Point Solutions procedure?
Nearly everyone can benefit from Micro Point Solutions. Those with thinning hair can especially benefit. It is recommended that you arrange for a consultation with your certified Micro Point Solutions professional to see what Micro Point Solutions can do for you.

How much hair must I already have to do the Micro Point procedure?
Anyone experiencing 0-50% hair loss may be a candidate. Again, it is so important to meet with your Micro Point Solutions professional for a consultation.

Micro Point Womens Hair Replacement OhioHow much hair density can I get with Micro Point Solutions?
For women with female hair loss, once you are qualified by your Micro Point Solutions professional, you can receive as much density as your existing hair will allow. Remember, with Micro Point Link, you can volumize your hair by 400%. With just one Micro Point Accent, you can volumize ten of your hairs by 100%.

Can I wear a hair system and use Micro Point Solutions at the same time?
We have some clients who use Micro Point Solutions to thicken their hair near their hairline, or increase volume on the sides and back area in order to be able to wear a hair system. There are many options available to you. Your certified Micro Point Solutions professional can tell you what possibilities are just right for you.

Will I lose additional hair using Micro Point Solutions products?
No. The only hair you lose is from the shedding of your own natural growing hair, just as it did before you started any of the Micro Point Solutions procedures.

What about my hairstyle? Can I continue to wear my hair the way I want?
Yes. The new strands of hair will enhance the look you now have. With the addition of Micro Point Solutions, you will probably find more options for hair styling.

Are there any restrictions on activity?
No. Micro Point Solutions will give you more freedom to enjoy life. Micro Point Solutions is a part of you and is designed to complement an active and busy lifestyle. Your consultant can always advise you on any specific questions you may have. Many people with thinning hair shy away from activities involving water and wet hair. With Micro Point Solutions, you’ll be re-introduced to parts of your life you let go of when your hair began to thin.

Is it okay to use blow dryers and curling irons to style my hair with Micro Point Solutions?
Cool blow dryers and warm curling irons can be used, per the recommendation of a certified trained professional.

What happens when I need a haircut?
You can have your haircut just as you have always done, or you can discuss this with your certified Micro Point Solutions technician.

Does exposure to the sun affect any of the Micro Point Solutions procedure?
No. None of the products will discolor or break when exposed to the sun.

Will chlorinated water affect any Micro Point Solutions procedures?
No. None of the products will discolor or break, even if you swim daily.

Do the Micro Point Solutions procedures need to be redone?
The Micro Point Solutions process can be a one-time “special occasion” procedure, or an ongoing treatment for hair loss. All the procedures grow out as your natural hair grows. Depending on which procedure works best for you, we will see you as early as every four weeks or as late as every ten weeks, depending on the advice of your consultant/technician.

How much does it cost?
Your situation will be analyzed in a private one-on-one consultation to see if your are a candidate. If you are a candidate, your investment is primarily based on the amount of hair loss you have. People who have a small amount of thinning hair in the front hairline for example, will pay as little as $100. The Micro Point Solutions trained professional will present you with a customized program that is just right for you.


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