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Alopecia Wigs for hair loss. Finding the right hair loss solution can be one of the most important decisions of your life, because it not only affects your appearance, but it also affects how you view yourself, how you look at life and how others view you.

Our Alopecia Wigs are amazing. We take great pride in our wigs. For the ultimate in comfort and style there is nothing that compares to the high quality of a human hair wig. Van Scoy offers Ohio’s finest custom and ready to wear Human Hair & European Hair Wigs for women and men with hair loss caused by Alopecia and other medical conditions.

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Premium Quality, European Human Hair Wigs

Van Scoy Hair Clinics in Cleveland, Columbus and Ashland, Ohio offers premium quality custom european human hair wigs for women experiencing Alopecia or other medical hair loss causes, to fit your special needs.

Private Issue: Lifestyle Custom Human Hair Wigs

Introducing Private Issue Lifestyle Custom Human Hair Wigs. Finally, hair options that put no limits on your imagination. Private Issue is designed especially for you and your lifestyle. Be free to live the lifestyle that you have, the lifestyle you have always wanted or just go wherever life takes you, with no limits. The choice is yours.

With over 47 years experience serving women across Ohio and the nation, we pride ourselves on providing our clients the finest quality wigs available anywhere. Our custom Alopecia Human Hair Wigs feature:

  • Super lightweight cap construction for the ultimate in comfort and secure wearability.
  • Hand tied with light, refined materials that conform to the head for an individual customized fit.
  • Subtle colors, hues and highlights that you’ve got to see to believe!
  • Also Available in Textured hair.

Not All Wigs Are Created Equal

Wigs have received a bad reputation. And in may cases they deserved it, not having been designed, manufactured, or styled to the highest standards. Unfortunately, the hair replacement business is one in which you only notice bad workmanship. The craftsmanship quality is never seen, because it looks so natural. For more then three decades, Van Scoy Hair Clinics has worked very hard to make sure that our wigs and hair replacement systems are of the very highest quality — in design, craftsmanship and styling.

That is the reason why the vast majority of our wigs are hand made. Hand knotting gives the wig a much more natural appearance with respect to the amount of hair in the cap as well as how the hair moves when the wig is worn. It also offers greater comfort, since it is lighter and cooler that wigs that are made by machine. Whether the hair is natural or synthetic hand knotting makes a huge difference.

Custom Alopecia and Medical Wigs – European Human Hair

Today’s human hair wigs are light and easy to maintain. Unlike synthetic hair wigs, human hair wigs allows you to style your hair with blow dryers, roller and curling irons. As a result, you have all the styling options you want and are only limited by your imagination.

All our human hair wigs are 100% hand knotted and use the very finest processed human hair. This allows you create a look that cannot be surpassed. We have clients from all over the world that come to us for these wigs. Human hair wigs start off with no particular hair style. They are skillfully cut and customized to the look that you want. For this reason we do not have set styles like you find with many the synthetic wigs.

Synthetic Hair Wigs

The synthetic hair that we choose for our custom wigs is of a higher quality than you would see in a department store or catalogue. Our synthetic hair wigs are not your standard wigs. They are ‘medical quality’, leaving other so provide what we call ‘fashion wigs’. Medical quality wigs that are made with synthetic hair, are a huge improvement over machine made fashion wigs you find in department stores. The cap is especially designed to fit the shape of a head that has little or no hair. Even the materials used to create the wig are designed with care so as not to irritate a sensitive scalp.

Styling Your Wig

A quality wig must be styled. Just like something off the rack it has to be individually tailored to fit you perfectly. Styling your wig is important, and that is why we have the finest hair replacement and wig stylists in Ohio to ensure your wig or hair addition looks great. High quality human hair or synthetic wigs and hair additions require the highest standard in service. The stylists and technicians at Van Scoy Hair Clinics have a reputation for being the best when it comes to men’s and women’s hair replacement.

At Van Scoy Hair Clinics, our stylists and technicians are passionate about your hair. They will make sure that you know exactly how to care for whatever you purchase before you leave. Or they will not let you leave. We will do re-cuts and trims on our wigs for a nominal fee. We will do colors, perms, etc. on our clients own hair but only if they are our clients and are wearing our hair along with their own.

Your Hair is Our Passion

Van Scoy Hair Clinics, conveniently located in Cleveland, Columbus and Ashland, Ohio, understands the emotional stress of losing your hair and the impact it can have on your mental, physical, and social life. That’s why we offer the finest synthetic and 100% natural hair wigs and hair additions in a professional atmosphere of caring, confidential privacy.


WHETHER YOU ARE EXPERIENCING thinning hair and want to stop your hair loss, or want more hair, we offer the latest clinically proven hair loss treatment and hair restoration solutions for men and women of all ages and hair types.

We want to help you find the hair loss solution that is right for you. Fill out our form to get started with your free, private consultation.

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