There are a number of solutions available for specific types of hair loss and styling needs, and speaking with a specialist is the best way to decide which hair restoration avenue is the best for you. Today, Van Scoy takes a look at 4 common questions associated with laser treatments.

“I thought laser treatments were for hair removal! How can they serve both purposes?”

Good question! Lasers can indeed work for both hair removal and restoration and have been used for removal for decades while their approved application for restoration is relatively recent. There are various types and levels of lasers though, and those disparities along with the way in which they are applied produce different results. Laser hair removal, for example, involves purposeful, targeted damaging of follicles at a specific wavelength. Laser hair treatments for restoration, on the other hand, use low level, therapeutic, soft, “cold” lasers to deliver light energy to the scalp and generate blood flow rather than damage. In fact, similar lasers have been used for wound healing for a long time.

“Will there be any cutting or burns?”

No. Laser treatments are non-invasive, non-surgical, non-burning, and non-painful.

“What can I expect my overall treatment experience to look like?”

Laser Treatments

Your hair restoration specialist will work with you to set a regular schedule for office visits. Each person is different, but this often means 2-3 sessions of 10-20 minutes per week for 3-12 months. During the treatments, you can simply relax, read a magazine, and take a small break from the day. If you are unable to make regular appointments, at-home treatments are also available. Van Scoy Hair Clinics recommends that laser hair therapy be approached as a 3-step treatment program, which means ongoing attentiveness to thickening hair and a combination of methods that provides the best results possible and enhances the progress of the laser treatments.

“Are there any products that I should use along with the laser treatments?”

Yes! As part of the 3-step treatment program, Van Scoy Hair Clinics recommends professional administration of pharmaceutical-grade products for hair growth. Specifically, the dht Sensor program, which we discussed on the blog in February, has proven especially effective when coupled with laser treatments to gain the maximum effect.

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