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The Difference Between Hair Replacement and Wigs

If you are like many people who when they first started to read about hair systems and wigs are left with questions like “what is the difference”?

This is something we are asked quite often. Aren’t hair replacement systems and wigs basically the same thing? Well, here is a basic rundown of the explanation that is normally given by hair replacement providers to explain how thinning hair can be concealed.

Hair replacement is a phrase that has been around for over twenty years to separate themselves from wigs. It was considered to be a more progressive solution to thinning hair and hair loss. A hair replacement system has several stages, such as scalp preparation, a hair system fitting, a styling session that also involves showing you steps on how to maintain your hair. The entire systems focus is on duplicating the look of your hair before you noticed your hair was thinning.

What Is A Hair Replacement System?

Trying to explain a women’s hair replacement system in spite of all the 1990’s marketing and commercials showcasing hair systems, it is actually quite difficult. Hair systems are made from hand woven 100% real human hair or synthetic hair. The base that the hair is attached to is made from different materials. Two of the more common materials are a lace material or a very thin “skin” like material. The hair that is attached to the base and then the bottom of the base is then attached to the client’s head non-surgically. Once the system is in place and secure, the hair is then cut and styled to blend in to your hair on the sides and back. This gives you an undetectable look. During your initial hair consultation you will work closely with a hair specialist who will design the hair system by choosing the size, color, density, texture and curl pattern to match your own hair flawlessly.

What Is A Wig?

Think of a wigs like a ready to wear shirt. Basic wigs have some customization like the style, color, and texture that is set and can’t be changed. Some of the natural human hair wigs for women can provide you with a very nice look for minimal investment. Wigs come in a variety of types that range from standard off the rack to your fashion wigs, which cost more than your basic wigs and are often made from 100% human hair. These wigs allow you to style the hair much like you would your own natural growing hair. We see individuals all the time that use these wigs because they are going through medical treatments. In this case a wig is great option. Those with Alopecia Totalis or Alopecia Universalis can use wigs or hair systems.

Even after reading about hair system and wig information, you might be still thinking, “Which option is best for me?” It is best to work with an experienced hair specialist who can offer both approaches and can help you decide which is best for you.