Men's Hair Transplant Solutions

Cost of Transplants: A Good Investment

Like any good investment, the cost of hair transplants can yield pleasing returns. You would never expect to buy a Rolls-Royce for the same price as a mini-van. You would also never expect to feel the same driving one or attract the same attention. Revolutionary hair transplants are much the same, they are going to cost more initially, but they have the potential to produce high returns, especially in the areas of self-esteem and appearance.

Van Scoy Hair Clinic specializes in the most widely accepted procedures for hair loss in the market today. Just as not all cars are created equal, neither are all hair transplants professionals. The experts at Van Scoy Hair Clinic work with men and women everyday who are trying to solve their hair loss problems while managing their personal budgets. The cost of hair transplants varies by procedure. Hair Transplants can range anywhere from $4,000 to $20,000 dollars. The wide range of costs is because every patient and their needs are different. So, while one patient may require only a balding crown spot be grafted, another may need multiple procedures to transplant larger areas. The cost is based on the total number of hairs needed for the coverage area.

Other costs you may want to consider when deciding if hair transplants are right for you are anesthesia, medications and blood tests. Hair transplants are usually out-patient procedure and take place in the doctor’s office, saving you from additional hospital expenses.

A few factors to consider that do not show up on the invoice are the expenses saved over the long-term. Such expenses might include additional doctor’s visits, wigs and hair pieces. These expenses can add up over time and never really address your hair loss problem. Unlike hair transplants, which become your own growing hair, you will still be faced with the expense of hiding your problem under pricey hair pieces that will require replacement.

At Van Scoy Hair Clinic we understand that patients must weigh the costs and benefits of hair transplants before making a decision. That is why we make one decision easy for you, the initial consultation is completely FREE OF CHARGE, so you have nothing to lose by exploring the cost/benefit of hair transplants with a Van Scoy Hair Clinic expert. See the list of the Van Scoy locations to find one near you.

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