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Are These Hair Myths Holding YOU Back?

Winston Churchill once said, “I never worry about action, but only inaction.”

This quote came from a man who spent most of his time in the limelight mostly bald. When it comes to hair restoration, you don’t have to follow in his footsteps. You CAN take back your hair. However, this requires taking the rest of Winston Churchill’s advice.

One of the biggest obstacles for men with hair loss is inaction. So, what leads men to choose to live unhappily with their hair loss? At Van Scoy Hair Clinic, we meet with clients every day who have been held back from having what they want simply because of common misconceptions about hair restoration.

Inaction will not bring your hair back, but Van Scoy Hair Clinic will. Check out these five most common hair restoration myths holding you back!

Myth #1: My Hair restoration will look like a toupee or hair plugs.

Hair restoration, like technology and medical care, advances constantly to incorporate newer products and procedures with better results.We challenge you to check out our gallery of hair restoration images for proof of realistic results.

Whether you’re getting hair transplants or hair replacement, our procedures are the most advanced available, and we can match you with the procedure that best suits your individual hair loss needs.

Myth #2: I can wait to get treatment when my hair loss gets really bad.

The longer you wait to seek treatment for your thinning hair or hair loss, the more hair you’ll already have lost. Depending on the cause of your hair loss, we can help stop or slow it, saving you years before your hair loss is noticeable. With advanced laser technology, hair loss products and medical advancements, hair loss does not have take over your life.

If your hair loss is caused by a medication or thyroid issue, for example, these causes are curable and can be addressed immediately. Seek treatment as soon as you see hair loss or thinning.

Myth #3: If my maternal grandfather has hair, I’ll always be fine.

Genetic research has shown that hair loss is not only determined by your mother’s side of the family alone. There are many genetic factors, and these include both sides of the family. If you think you’re experiencing hair loss, don’t assume it’s a fluke just because your maternal grandfather has his hair. Seek treatment as soon as possible to see what can be done to stop or slow your hair loss.

Myth #4: Hair restoration is too expensive, too time consuming, too much of a hassle!

These are some very common excuses for inaction when it comes to hair loss, but most of the time, these assumptions are just that – assumptions. Scheduling a complimentary consultation with Van Scoy Hair Clinic can help you find the price range and time commitment that will restore your hair. Never assume that you can’t have exactly what you want.

Myth #5: Hair Restoration only happens to older men.

This statement is wrong for several reasons. Both women and young people can experience hair loss. In fact, everyone can experience hair loss – even men and women in their twenties. If you notice thinning hair, schedule a complimentary consultation with Van Scoy Hair Clinics to find out if your condition is permanent or temporary. At your consultation, the professionals at Van Scoy can help you determine the cause of your hair loss and what the best course of treatment is, whether it’s seeking advice from a medical professional or finding a hair restoration option that fits your needs.

Break your cycle of inaction and contact Van Scoy Hair Clinic today to schedule a complimentary consultation.