A Fantastic Women’s Hair Loss Seminar!

One week ago, we hosted a beautiful group of women for a successful and moving National Women’s Hair Loss Seminar at our Cleveland clinic, and we are still feeling the inspiration of the evening today! The event, which featured speakers including Kayla Martell, 2010 Miss Delaware who lives with alopecia areata, Flora Fuentes, industry senior out of NYC, and Rhonda McCarthy, nationally recognized hair restoration expert from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, connected area women with information, answers, and resources as experts who brought their tour to Ohio with the specific goal of helping women find trustworthy and reliable access to education and assistance about their hair thinning and loss. As they discussed last Wednesday, there is an overwhelming amount of information about hair loss out there – some good, some bad – and for a woman who is facing this kind of physical and emotional struggle, it is hugely important for her to know that she is not alone and can feel confident in her ability to get the help she needs through proper, trustworthy hair restoration outlets.

Such conversations and gatherings of individuals with shared personal concerns can be emotional and uplifting, and last week’s seminar was definitely an inspiration. In addition to Kayla’s story and expert educational presentations, women enjoyed one-on-one interaction with recommended resource professionals, chats with the guest speakers over refreshments, and perhaps most importantly, free, personal, private consultations. It was a fantastic evening, and we thank everyone in attendance for being a part of it.

If you missed the seminar, but are interested in the complimentary hair and scalp analysis, you can still contact us for a free, no obligation, private consultation. Click here for more information.