Women’s Frustrations with Their Own Hair


Women's FrustrationsIf you sometimes find yourself reaching for a beanie not to warm your head or be on trend but simply to hide your hair, you may suffer from a common female frustration: hair hatred. Why is it that so many women covet the hair they do not have? Those with straight hair envy their curly haired counterparts. Those with curly hair spend hours per week flat ironing their locks only to end up with a frizzy hybrid by day’s end. Life would be so much simpler if we could learn to love our locks!

Surprising Stats

The folks at Dove surveyed women and discovered that hair profoundly affects the way women see and feel about themselves. Specifically, 90 percent of the women surveyed agreed that women judge one another based on their hair, more than half admitted to having “hair envy” and only 11 percent said they loved everything about their hair.

Another survey of more than 1,000 women conducted by Consumer Reports’ “ShopSmart” magazine found that a bad hair day often becomes a bad day, period. Nearly half of women reported that their mood and self-esteem are affected on bad hair days. Sadly, hair hatred begins early. Also according to Dove, only four out of 10 girls with curly hair think their hair is beautiful.

Embrace It or Change It!

Dove has launched a campaign encouraging women to love their natural hair. That’s wonderful, in theory. It’s not always realistic, though. Fortunately for those who simply cannot be swayed to embrace their natural hair, there are options. Women with thinning or fine hair who covet voluminous locks increasingly are turning to hair extensions, which provide insane versatility and are incredibly natural looking. Curly haired women who desire sleek hairstyles can now head to blowout bars whose sole purpose is to fight frizz and tame tresses. Straight-haired women can head to any retailer that sells beauty products and find a wide selection of curling irons and hair rollers in just about any diameter they desire.

Whether you covet curls or cannot stand yours, perhaps you’ll be comforted by the knowledge that you are most definitely not alone. Don’t let your bad hair day get the best of you. It, too, shall pass.

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Photo Credit: Ann_Sarkisyan Via Flickr Creative Commons