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Van Scoy’s Guide to MEDIceuticals Hair Loss Products

One of the treatment options we provide at Van Scoy is called MEDIceuticals. These hair loss products are, in our opinion, a highly effective tool to help promote scalp health and provide anti-thinning therapy.

MEDIceuticals are great, because they’re not one-size-fits-all. There are several different formulas for men and women to help address our clients’ specific hair loss causes. We’d like to take this opportunity to answer your most frequently asked questions about hair loss treatment and regrowth products.

Why Does Van Scoy Prescribe MEDIceuticals?

Van Scoy is constantly striving to provide the most advanced and effective forms of hair restoration for our clients. We have seen excellent results from this line of hair loss products, and believe them to be the most effective available. MEDIceuticals are:

  • Specialized to treat hair follicles through Advanced Hair Restoration Technology
  • Non-drug based
  • Contain three proprietary complexes to target the three primary causes of hair loss

How Will MEDIceuticals Help Me?

By promoting a healthy scalp and hair, MEDIceuticals stop hair loss and promote healthy, fuller hair. These hair loss products use pharmaceutical-grade ingredients to promote a healthy environment for hair re-growth without leaving build-up on the hair and scalp. MEDIceuticals are often prescribed by Van Scoy in conjunction with other hair restoration treatments, as a way to provide support.

The MEDIceuticals Hair Recovery Program fulfills five basic hair needs:

  • Treat the Scalp
  • Treat, Cleanse and Condition the Hair
  • Energize the Hair Follicle
  • Provide Nutritional Therapy
  • Provide Healthy Hair Styling

What Options Are Available From MEDIceuticals?

NutraCell™ is a blend of three vitamin and natural vascular stimulators that aid in dilating capillaries in the dermis and epidermis, increasing blood flow to the hair follicle, improving metabolic activity and hair cell production. This is a topical transdermal treatment.

Estrolin™ is a natural, non-drug anti-androgen compound composed of 16 vitamins, minerals and proven herbal medicines. This topical, transdermal treatment aids in inhibiting the formation of DHT, a hormone that is a significant cause of hair loss.

Femmigen™ is a specialized estrogenic complex formulated for women of all ages experiencing female androgen and vascular alopecia. Femmigen features a blend of 22 natural anti-androgen estrogens, minerals, vitamins and vascular dilators that help to reduce the formation of the hormone DHT brought on by estrogen fluctuations. Femmigen also improves hair follicle vascular activity.

Contact Van Scoy Hair Clinic, located in Ashland, Cleveland, or Columbus, Ohio, to schedule a complimentary consultation and find out if MEDIceuticals hair loss products are right for you.