How to Use Scarves to Protect Your Natural Hair This Summer

scarvesSummer can be hard on natural hair. Regular swimming can dry out strands and cause breakage, while UV rays can bleach dark locks. Plus, going from air-conditioned buildings out into the hot sun can also stress your hair. While protective styles can help your hair avoid damage during the summer months, scarves are unique hair accessories that allow you to create physical barriers between your strands and common hair hazards. Below are several ways to incorporate scarves into your summer hair care routine.

Protect Hair From Hat Damage

Hats will protect your hair and face from punishing UV rays, but they can also leach moisture from your hair and cause breakage. Therefore, if you want to wear cute hats this summer, consider using a beautiful scarf to cover your hair completely underneath the hat. A thin silk cap is the perfect barrier between a beautiful sun hat and your delicate strands. Use a solid-colored cap to let your hat take center stage, or use a brightly patterned scarf to add a hint of color to an otherwise simple outfit.

Condition Your Hair All Day Long

Summer moisture loss, which causes split ends and frizzy hair, can also lead to hair breakage. Even if you’re using a daily conditioner, you may need to soak your strands in a heavy hair mask to protect against further deterioration. Rather than waiting for some time at home to pamper your hair, sneak in a deep conditioning treatment by coating your hair with your favorite product and wearing a scarf over it.

Prevent UV Color Damage

Both natural and color-treated hair is subject to bleaching and brassiness caused by repeated exposure to the sun. A UV-protective serum will act as a sunscreen for your hair, but this category of products does have its limitations. If you’re planning on spending some quality time near the pool or on the beach, try adding a head wrap to cover all of your strands and boost the SPF your hair receives.

Update Your Normal Protective Hairstyle

You’ve found the Holy Grail of low-manipulation summer hairstyles, but you’re reluctant to commit to that style all summer long. Instead of trying out new hair trends, try adding different scarves to your ‘do to update your day-to-day fashion looks. Leopard, camouflage and bohemian prints are all hot for 2016. Also, don’t stick to the usual scarves-as-headbands style. Under scarves, scarf pompadours and turban wraps are some other fun styles to try.

Beautiful scarves are a timeless accessory to help you battle moisture loss and fading. Before your strands wilt in the summer heat, grab a few scarves and experiment with some new hairstyles.

Using a scarf to protect your hair from sun damage is smart, but if you’re using a scarf to cover up hair loss it’s time to do something about it. At Van Scoy Hair Clinics our hair restoration specialists can answer all of your hair loss questions and help you find the solution that’s right for you. To schedule a free consultation call us at (419) 289-6665 or to contact us via email click here.



Photo Credit: WOCinTech Chat Via Flickr Creative Commons