It’s summer and it’s hot, but you’re avoiding the pool. You worry about what sweat and wind will do to your thinning hair while out at barbeques. Getting caught in the rain would be tragic. It is no surprise that July would be more fun with hair. Here we have selected the top ten ways that the month would be more enjoyable after restoration.

1. Swimming

The typical avoidance of wet locks in public by those with thinning hair or bald spots puts the kibosh on classic summer fun in the pool. Whether you swim for exercise, to cool off, or just for the fun and games, being comfortable diving into the water is a wonderfully positive attribute for anyone’s summer.

2. After Swimming

Swimming isn’t the only fun part of taking a dip though. Jumping out of the water and doing a quick self-dry with a flip of the mane or a full head shake inspires a youthful energy that should grace every summer.

3. Summer Rains

Spontaneous showers and summer thunderstorms can spell tragedy for an individual with thinning hair. Jumping in puddles or spur-of-the-moment rain dances are things of the past. With a full head of hair though, getting caught in the rain can be a laughable inconvenience at worst and movie-esque romantic at best.

4. Going Hat-Free

From beach bonnets to baseball caps, there are some really great summer hats out there. Having to wear one for the entire duration of the hot bright months though is a total drag. Next July, make hats an option rather than a crutch.

5. Fewer Scalp Burns

Maybe you’ve already said goodbye to the everyday cap. Instead, you rely on your sunscreen and suffer through the scalp burns when it fails to properly protect your bald spots. Hair restoration certainly gives the scalp a bit of relief in hot, sunny months like July.

6. Outdoor Activities

July is a great time for outdoor activities with the kids during their break from school. Hiking, exploring a nearby creek, camping, and bonfires are all summer highlights for nature lovers that need not be weighed down, avoided, or less fun due to worries or anxieties about the number the elements are going to do on an already struggling head of hair.

7. Looking Good at Summer BBQs

Even if you don’t intend to be the most fashion forward attendee at your next barbeque, you definitely have more fun when you feel good, and you feel good when you look good. Even more importantly, you feel good when you feel like yourself!

8. Natural Highlights

For a full head of hair, July comes bearing gifts. In addition to seemingly intolerable heat, the sun’s rays offer lovely natural highlights that take an individual’s base color and give it a sun-kissed summer glow.

9. Changing Style with Summer

New Do, New You! Those with thinning hair or hair loss are usually constrained to a single hair style that works for them to best adapt to their weakening locks. After hair restoration, the chance to try a new style with the changing seasons becomes an option. A fun option!

10. Ponytails

Sure, this one is not for everyone. But for those with longer locks, winning the battle against thinning strands or receding hairlines means being able to pull hair back in the summer. Whether it’s a ponytail through the back of baseball cap or a cute half-up do, July is a nice time to be able to pull your hair back out of your face.

Don’t wait until next summer. Choose to make a change now! Visit your local hair restoration specialist for a free consultation and prepare to have way more fun in July in these top ten ways and more.


Photo credit: Schjelderup via Flickr Creative Commons