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The Ways Humidity Affects Hair

Summer does a number on your hair. The salt from swimming in the ocean and the chlorine from pools can do a lot to cause dryness to your hair. One element of summer that many don’t understand is the humidity and why it makes it so difficult for their hair. We are going to discuss several affects that humidity has on your hair so you can have a better understanding of why it is so difficult to have great looking hair in humid weather.

Curly Frizzy Hair 

Humidity Causes Dry Frizzy Hair

If your someone with curly hair then you know, when the weather is humid your hair can be your worst enemy. The humidity can cause your hair to be frizzy and unmanageable. This happens because curly hair has rough cuticles which can become exasperated with humid weather. To help avoid the frizzes, let your hair dry naturally and avoid brushing it. Simply just run your fingers through your hair after washing it to remove tangles. The less you brush your hair on humid day the less frizzy it will become.

Damages Dry Hair

When your hair is colored or permed, your hair follicles can become more porous. This porousness of the hair follicles can allow them to retain a lot of water on humid days. When this happens your follicles will look damaged at the ends creating a frizzy look. Use a leave-in conditioner on humid days. Also avoid styling your hair too much as it can cause more damage. Often many women with damaged hair will find that putting their hair up on humid days will allow them to get through the day without having to come into contact with their hair.

Fine Hair vs. Humidity

It’s not much of a fight for those with fine hair on humid days. Fine hair typically has hair follicles that absorb and retain moisture. This can cause your hair to become more lifeless and limp because it become so weighed down by the added moisture. To minimize the limpness you want to use very little hair product as possible when the weather is humid. It is also a good idea to limit how much your run your fingers through your hair as it can leave oils from your hands on your hair, and that oil can also weighdown your hair.

When the days become humid your best bet is to put your hair up in a ponytail. This allows you to know what your hair looks like throughout the day and it prevents you from causing additional damage to it by over-brushing it and styling it in your attempt to reduce the frizziness and limpness.

If you suffer from hair loss, humidity can make it appear more prevalent. We can offer affordable hair replacement solutions that are custom designed to your hair loss type and your lifestyle.