How to Prevent Breakage While Protectively Styling with Wigs

wigsWhile wearing a wig is a great way to try new hairstyles and save some time on daily hair maintenance, many women also use wigs as a way to allow their natural hair a chance to grow. If you’ve experienced significant breakage, hair loss or thinning edges, wearing a wig can be a simple way to reduce stress on your hair. However, you should choose carefully, because the wrong wig and hair care regimen can result in more damage.

Picking the Right Wig

Choosing a premium quality, European human hair wig is the best way to go if you’re concerned about it looking natural or styling it. Be sure to pick the style and color that fit your features. It’s best to bring a close friend or family member along with you so you can get their honest opinion on how it looks. At Van Scoy Hair Clinics we use Private Issue lifestyle custom human hair wigs that our stylists and technicians will custom fit and style for you.

Our customized wigs are fitted with a lightweight cap and hand tied refined materials that conform to your head. At Van Scoy you’ll find much higher quality wigs than store bought brands and our wig stylists are the best hair replacement stylists around.

Caring for Your Natural Hair

To protect your hair underneath a wig, wear it in braids or wrap the hair. At Van Scoy our technicians will appropriately prep your scalp for your fitting. It is very important to work with a professional to choose a protective style that doesn’t put unnecessary stress on your scalp.

Before wearing any wig, make sure your hair is completely dry. Wet hair is more prone to breakage, and damp hair under a wig can create a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Wigs can rob hair of its natural moisture, so plan to moisturize your hair every day and deep condition at least once a week. Our stylists and technicians will make sure you are informed on how to care for your scalp and wig before you leave.

When using a wig as part of a protective style, keep in mind there will be some trial and error before you completely perfect your hair care routine. If your hair continues to show signs of new damage after protective styling for several weeks, consult your stylist regarding your particular hair challenges.

Choosing the right wig is important. If you’re suffering from hair loss and are considering a wig come meet with one of our hair restoration specialists. To schedule a free consultation call us today at (419) 289-6665 or to contact us via email click here.


Photo Credit: Leigh Harries Via Flickr Creative Commons