Medication and Treatment Products for Hair Restoration

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There are a number of solutions available for specific types of hair loss and styling needs, and speaking with a specialist is the best way to decide which hair restoration avenue is the best for you. Today, Van Scoy takes a look at medication and other products for thinning hair.

Medications and products created to support the hair restoration process come in a wide variety of forms and types from pills to foams, prescriptions to over-the-counters, and with roles from preventing hair loss to promoting hair growth. Heavily advertised brands such as Rogaine and Propecia, for example, operate quite differently despite both being approved by the FDA to halt the thinning process and stimulate growth. Rogaine (Minoxidil) comes in foam or liquid form, is applied twice daily to the scalp, and is available for purchase over-the-counter. It can be used by both men and women. Propecia (Finasteride), on the other hand, comes in pill form, requires a prescription for purchase, and can be used only by men. Additionally, these two products have differing indications, side effects, and success rates.

Some product-based hair loss prevention programs use a variety of product types within a single line and treatment. dhtSensor, for example, uses a number of product types in conjunction that prove especially effective when used with laser therapy. Though dhtSensor does not instigate hair growth in all patients, it is a widely beneficial tool for minimizing and preventing hair loss and improving scalp condition, as well as producing impressive results in enhancing the appearance of thin hair. For this reason, dhtSensor is often suggested for those with thin, fine, or problem hair.

MEDIceuticals also offers a line of therapeutic hair loss products, and these too are often recommended by licensed specialists who can prescribe the correct products for each individual’s needs allowing for a more customized treatment. The MEDIceuticals Hair Recovery Program treats the scalp, treats, cleanses, and conditions the hair, energizes the hair follicles, provides nutritional therapy, and provides healthy hair styling, all integral needs for healthy hair growth.

For all of the above discussed medications and product lines, their use produces the most positive results when applied in conjunction with other treatments, such as laser therapy or another medication or product, and this can be most safely and successfully implemented when monitored and adjusted by a hair care professional.