Many people facing hair loss are well informed on the ins and outs of their specific condition. They might have heard that at least half of all men will have experience some degree of hair loss by the age of 50, or that 40 percent of hair loss victims are women, or even that the leading cause of hair loss is hereditary patterns. Although those are all true statements, there are some fictitious statements that get passed around which help the hair loss industry along. The real trouble is trying to decipher between fact and fiction.

Is it really your mom’s side of the family to blame for your hair loss? Can wearing a baseball hat actually make you go bald? The following are a few of the most common myths about hair loss, fact or fiction:

Hair Loss comes from the mother’s side

Fiction! Contrary to what people say, it is not your mom’s side to blame for your hair loss. Although male pattern baldness is hereditary, it has been proven that the condition could just as easily come from the father’s side as well. Since this condition is genetic, it cannot be prevented, but it can be treated.

Baseball Caps Cause Baldness

This one is actually fiction to. Health experts have not found any sort of specific link between hair loss and wearing a cap. Only hats that are tight enough to cut off circulation to the follicles would cause hair loss.

Poor Treatment of Hair, Causes Hair Loss

Fact! Using too much styling product like dyes and perms can cause hair loss. It is also stated that tight buns and braids can cause hair loss through follicle damage, so be sure to avoid those as much as possible. Even women that are trying to bleach their hair with natural sunlight should be sure to put a hat on because overexposure to the sun’s UV rays have shown to cause hair loss as well.

Hair Loss from Stress

This is a fact, but not in every aspect. Scientists have found that extreme emotional or medical related trauma can cause sudden hair loss. However, it is noted that stress stemming from every day stress of work and family life will not cause hair loss.

Hair Loss Only Occurs When You’re Old

This is fiction. Just like some of the examples given above, male pattern baldness among other conditions can occur as early as the teen years, or the early 20’s for women. For these cases, VanScoy hair loss specialists can work to help rule out a typical causes such as hormonal issues.

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Photo Credit: Chun-Hung Eric Cheng via Flickr Creative Commons