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Hair Loss and Dating: The Fear Factor

Fearing to Date When Experiencing Hair Loss

It can be exciting and fun to meet new people. Often you plan that first date you want everything to be perfect. You pick the best restaurant; wear the perfect outfit and you end up setting expectations so high you get butterflies.

You look to give the best first impression you can because we all know you never get a second chance to give that first impression. If you are someone that suffers from hair loss, we know all too well how that can affect your self-confidence. Today there are real solutions that can not only give you great, natural looking hair but can restore your confidence and make dating fun again.

Causes of Hair Loss

Men and women both can experience hair loss for a variety of reasons. For men, it is often genetic. It can be also be caused by medications, medical treatments and anxiety disorders are all experiences that can result in hair loss.

Hair loss can not only make you feel older but it can make you appear older as well. If you are going on a date, you may feel they will make an assumption about your lifestyle or health issues because of your thinning hair. When it comes to first dates most people are not comfortable enough with that person to discuss such matters. You should be able to go on dates and feel confident and relaxed enough to enjoy it and not worry about negative impressions your thinning hair may give.

Living with Hair Loss

It is not uncommon when you discover that you have thinning hair to try to hide it by styling your hair differently. You lose that freedom to wear your hair any way you desire. In order to hide your hair loss with a different hairstyle, it can be a style that isn’t very flattering.

Maybe you have been thinking about doing online dating, but you struggle to find a recent photo of yourself that you are happy with. Some people are okay with the fact they are losing their hair, but there are many that are not. Some men may have watched their fathers or uncles go through hair loss and they feel they are just destined to suffer the same fate. Today, the hair transplant and hair restoration solutions available have really advanced and just excepting your hair loss doesn’t have to be the case.

Hair Restoration and Self-Confidence

At Van Scoy Hair Clinics we want to help you get back what you have lost while working within your budget to find the solutions that are perfect for you and your lifestyle. Schedule a free confidential hair loss consultation and we can discuss with you the solutions available that fit your needs.