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Hair Extensions for Thinning Hair


With the explosion of hair extensions in popular culture, these hair add-ons have become commonplace for not only celebrities but also regular folks. And while extensions are an amazing way to lengthen and thicken your hair, they carry risks as well.

Why Choose Professional Hair Extensions?

Remember the old adage:  You get what you pay for? That’s completely true of hair extension. Many salons now offer cut-rate extension performed by a hairdresser with little experience applying them properly. Many hairdressers don’t go through thorough and proper training, least of all to make sure they’re not damaging already thinning hair.

Professional hair extensions, such as those from Van Scoy Hair Clinic, are applied by trained professionals who understand how extensions should be added to fine, thinning hair. Many of our clients have found that extensions allow them to add fullness to their thinning hair.

Can Extensions Really Damage Your Hair?

Yes! Extension can really damage your hair. Just ask some of our celebrity friends, such as Jennifer Aniston, Naomi Campbell, Britney Spears, and Kim Kardashian. The damage they suffer from hair extensions is often very public and very obvious.

Extensions can be applied in two ways: they are either glues or weaved onto your natural hair at your scalp. If they are applied and maintained properly, extensions are a safe and effective way to lengthen your hair. If they’re applied incorrectly, they can pull at your hair, causing permanent damage to hair follicles. Over time, extension damage can cause permanent hair loss.

Choosing a professional to apply extensions is essential, because not only will they apply extensions correctly, but they will also ensure proper maintenance. This means regular maintenance is required to keep extensions healthy, but pros can make sure extensions are not pulling at your hair and can rotate how extensions are attached to ensure their safety of your hair.

The takeaway on extensions is not to fear them, but simply to find trained professionals, like the staff at Van Scoy Hair Clinic, who can ensure your extension for thinning hair are applied and maintained correctly.

Van Scoy’s Extensions for Thinning Hair

Van Scoy is proud to carry a line of extensions called Micro Pointe Solutions. We call these the “healthy alternative to hair extensions.” This non-surgical hair restoration solution uses lightweight, micro, mini extensions that are created for thinning, fine hair. These extensions can volumize hair by up to 400%, giving you more freedom to style your hair as you wish.

Schedule your free consultation with Van Scoy Hair Clinic in Ashland, Cleveland, or Columbus  to find out if extensions are right for you.