Free Women’s Hair Loss Seminar: Meet the Guest Speakers

Just one week from today the free National Women’s Hair Loss Seminar is coming to Cleveland! The response and registrations from area women has been remarkable, and we couldn’t be more excited. Today, we take a closer look at three of the featured guest speakers on the seminar tour who have dedicated their time to traveling around the United States and helping women to gain access to educational information, connect with local resources, and learn that they are not alone. Registrations are still being accepted, but space is limited, so claim your spot NOW!

Kayla Martell

Kayla Martell – 2010 Miss Delaware and 2011 Miss America finalist – began losing her hair when she was just 11 years old. It was a scary and challenging time for both her and her family as they struggled to understand the cause of the hair loss while also dealing with the social barriers of being a 6th grade girl who was balding. Even after they received the diagnosis of alopecia areata, Kayla was hard-pressed to find a solution that worked for her. Eventually, she simply embraced her baldness.

Fast forward to her third failed attempt at winning the Miss Delaware crown when a judge told her that if she wanted to win, she was going to need hair. That would be a tough blow for anyone, and Kayla was confident without her hair! She wanted to quit, to stop trying for the crown she had worked so hard for. A small voice from a young fan (who also has alopecia) convinced her otherwise though, and so she decided to revisit her options and give it another go. This time around, Kayla found resources and possibilities that worked for her, her active lifestyle, and her impatience with itchy wigs. She found that she could embrace her hair loss and also rock beautiful, comfortable locks when she wanted to. She learned about quality options and she worked those beautiful solutions straight to a crown and a spot as a Miss America finalist! We love these features on ABC News and CBS News from pageant time.

Today, Kayla offers her experience, understanding, and warmth to women around the country of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of hair thinning or loss who are also struggling.

Rhonda McCarthy

Rhonda McCarthy, a nationally recognized expert in women’s hair replacement with more than 20 years of experience, will travel to the Cleveland seminar from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to offer insights into the causes and stages of hair loss. After seeing thousands of women withdraw socially to suffer in silence and realizing that a common theme was their utter frustration with lack of information and places to turn, Rhonda developed the free National Women’s Hair Loss Seminar tour to connect women with reputable resources in their areas. “So many women feel there is nowhere to turn, but they do think about their hair loss challenges,” she says. “During the new National Women’s Hair Loss Seminar tour, women will now have the opportunity to talk openly about their hair loss, become educated on hair loss options, and to meet other women experiencing the same challenges.” Earlier this year, Rhonda and her team hosted hair professionals from around the world at a very successful two-day conference designed to offer continuing education to specialized resource and hair care providers as part of her ongoing effort to create a network of support for individuals struggling with hair loss.

Flora Fuentes

Flora Fuentes has been with MHN Hair Restoration Studio in New York City for 24 years, and as an expert on hair loss, she now travels around the United States with the National Women’s Hair Loss Seminar tour providing detailed information on various up-to-date solutions that are currently available as options for women with assorted causes and levels of hair loss. “We want women everywhere who are experiencing thinning hair or any level of hair loss to know that no matter what their level of hair loss – there is a solution. You can have your hair back, beautifully and naturally!” Last year, Flora and Kayla were featured on CBS New York’s the Couch on the morning of a local seminar; check it out here for a teaser of the wealth of information Flora will bring to Cleveland next Wednesday, April 30th from 6:30-8:30PM.

Make your reservation for the free National Women’s Hair Loss Seminar in Cleveland now by calling 216-739-2290 or clicking here to register online.