Eight Best Men’s Hair Trends for 2017

mens hair replacement cleveland columbus ohioThe modern man makes sure to keep up with changing hair trends, but also knows when classical, timeless cuts are best. That said, he also isn’t afraid to bring out his own individual style when it comes to his locks.

Check out the latest hot hairstyles worn by celebrities, and then choose the one that’s right for you.

  1. The Subtle, Sensual Waves

Celebrity style: We saw this recently on Oscar Isaac, who pulled off a real proper gentleman look. If you’re lucky enough to still have lots of hair, this is a classy, understated hairstyle.

  1. The Old-Hollywood Man

Celebrity Style: Ryan Gosling, who looks good with any hairstyle, wears this Gatsby Hollywood tradition on the red carpet. It’s a sure bet that old-Hollywood style looks great on younger men in the industry.

  1. The Side-Swept and Sexy Look

Celebrity Style: Look at Joe Manganiello, who takes having a mane to a whole new level of manly appeal. His salt and pepper-colored beard is nicely groomed for an extra masculine effect. If you choose to grow out your hair, make sure your eyebrows are properly groomed (plucked) to perfection.

  1. The Sun-Kissed Surfer

Celebrity Style: Austin Butler completes the tanned and toned bodily ensemble with his surfer waves that look effortless and very attractive. For men with longer hair, a leave-in conditioner can work wonders.

  1. mens hair restoration hair style undercutThe Undercut

Celebrity Style: We’ve learned to trust Justin Bieber’s ever-evolving style. His bleached undercut is best for young men, as it borders on the adolescent trends of not playing it safe. And we don’t expect anything less from the pop star.

  1. The Classy Side-Part

Celebrity Style: George Clooney just keeps getting better with age. To perfect this super stylish look, use a tiny bit of hair gel or cream and a good comb. It helps to also have a winning smile.

  1. The Buzz Cut

Celebrity Style: This no-fuss buzz on Nick Jonas is a go-to hairstyle for men of all ages. It means less grooming needed in the morning, and is extra sharp with suit and tie. Make sure to keep your buzz very short so it doesn’t end up looking like fur.

  1. The Bedhead

Celebrity Style: This effortlessly messy look isn’t just for women. Check out the way Justin Theroux’s purposely undone hair. If you’re going for this style, the secret is using a minuscule amount of good-quality hair wax to keep those fly-aways in place.

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