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Does Drinking Alcohol Affects Your Hair

Getting together with friends or family to enjoy a fun evening out can be very enjoyable. However, it’s no secret that a night out combined with multiple cocktail drinks isn’t the best thing you can do for your body. That’s not to say that letting loose and having fun isn’t good for the soul. But if you’re going to indulge with a night of fun and adult beverages, then make sure you know the toll it might take on your body, including your hair.

Why does drinking alcohol affect your hair?

When your body is healthy, nourished and hydrated then most often your hair stays that way as well. When you indulge in drinking alcohol, you don’t do your body or your hair any favors. When you enjoy a few cocktails, you actually cause a number of effects on your system, the biggest being dehydration. That is why you wake up the next morning with a dry throat and pounding headache. Your hair also becomes dehydrated from the alcohol just like your body.

How does drinking alcohol affect your hair?

Your hair gets effected from alcohol by more than just becoming drying out. Your hair gets starved from vital nutrients which can result in your hair not able to maintain strength, shine and health. When your hair doesn’t get the right nourishment, then it starts to look flat and lifeless and in this state your hair is also more prone to split ends.

If you make a habit of indulging in alcohol over a long time there are a number of effects it has on your hair. Nutrients like zinc and folic acid which help maintain the health, strength and thickness of hair will become lost. Excessive amount of alcohol will rob your hair of these nutrients. What this means is your hair become prone to breakage, hair loss and split ends.

What can you do to preserve your hair’s health when drinking alcohol? 

Probably the most logical and simplest answer to that question is to limit the number if drinks you consume. It is also a good idea to drink more water throughout the day if you know you will be going out that evening, and especially if you do drink several adult beverages, drinking water occasionally during and after will help your body and hair rehydrate. Another way to keep your hair hydrated and health is to invest in proven topical hair loss treatment products.

There is nothing wrong with cracking open a few cold ones, but you should do it responsibly for the health of your body and hair. Keeping your hair health is important if you don’t want damage that can result in possible hair loss. If you should begin to experience thinning hair or hair loss see a hair loss professional. They have the experience and knowledge to help you restore your hair and maintain health hair habits.