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A Connection Between Diabetes and Hair Loss

You probably know that millions suffer from diabetes, but did you know that one of the lesser-known symptoms is hair loss? This potentially life-threatening disease is often diagnosed by doctors as a result of examining sudden hair loss. There is a real link between the two and the prospects of effective hair regrowth treatments are very good but only if you take action quickly. When deciding the best approach to hair loss as a result of diabetes, the best place to start is understand the process behind it.

Why Does Diabetes Often Lead to Hair Loss?

For many, the physiological effects of diabetes can have a devastating effect. They often inflict serious stress on the body, and this happens while hormone levels in sufferers fluctuate constantly, and this affects the regeneration of hair follicles.

One of the more direct causes of hair loss is a result of poor circulation. Diabetes can damage blood cell, and this can make regenerating of hair follicles a slower and less responsive process. When your hair is starved of essential nutrients, which the blood supplies to the hair, it will become weak and fall out.

Another symptom of this can indirectly lead to hair loss. Those with diabetes for example are more susceptible to infections, and many of them can cause hair loss. The body struggles to absorb zinc which is an important nutrient for hair.

There are also a number of medications that individuals with diabetes may take that can contribute to the problem.

Are There Options?

If your hair loss is do to the effect of diabetes, there is a good chance that the problem may be reversed with the right treatment. Diabetes medication will rectify many of the issues for most that will reverse the hair loss.

The first step should be a consultation with your doctor. Your doctor may recommend medication and give you a healthy eating plan with foods that have nutrients that are known to help hair growth. You might also be advised to exercise more, and to take supplements such as biotin.

If your hair loss is severe, don’t worry as there are several options that can give you hair like you had before it started to thin. Hair replacement therapies and treatments will help to stimulate hair growth.

Once your doctor has your diabetes under control, make an appointment to see a hair loss specialist to discuss options available to you.