6 Natural Remedies for Frizzy Hair

FrizzDuring summertime, the combination of high temperatures and humidity can give you frizzy hair. Aside from managing your locks with hairstyles like braids, ponytails and chignons, you can attack the root cause of the problem: dryness. This can be alleviated with moisturizing agents that can be found in your refrigerator or kitchen cabinets. You can also reduce the loss of your mane’s natural oils with certain hair care practices.


  1. Olive Oil Deep Conditioner

Extra virgin olive oil makes a highly emollient and penetrating conditioner. Dilute the oil with water and then apply it to your hair. Cover with a shower cap and leave on for the desired time, which can range from 20 minutes to all night. Shampoo your hair, being careful not to fall in the tub or shower stall made slick with the oil.

  1. Coconut Milk Treatment

Plentiful in healthy fat, coconut milk makes a treatment that produces a smooth, shiny mane. Heat two tablespoons and apply it to your hair. Cover your head with a towel or shower cap and leave the milk in overnight. Wash it out in the morning.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

The acid in apple cider vinegar has properties that calm frizzy hair. After shampooing, give your hair a final rinse with a solution of the vinegar mixed with equal amounts of water. This can be done every two to four weeks.

  1. Avocado Mask

Extraordinarily hydrating, avocados are rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, both of which help control hair made unruly by humidity. Make a mask by mashing a ripe avocado and mixing it with a little olive oil. Apply it to freshly shampooed hair, and leave it in for 30 minutes to an hour before rinsing.

  1. Cold Water Wash

Hot water strips away the sebum that acts as your hair’s natural moisturizer. Cold water retains the sebum as well as closes the cuticles, a benefit that seals in moisture. Shower with water that is lukewarm rather than hot, and give your hair a final rinse with cold water.

  1. Protective Hair Care

Instead of using a blow dryer, let your hair air-dry whenever possible. Distribute the sebum through your hair shaft using a boar bristle brush, stroking from the roots to the tips. In addition, wash your hair after swimming in chlorinated pool water.

Try some of these natural remedies for frizzy hair. You may be surprised at how well they can tame your wild tresses in the summertime.

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Photo Credit: donniesays Via Flickr Creative Commons