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Deciding to use wigs and toupees is tough for many men, as they’re often concerned with wearing the one that does not look natural. However, the right hair system can make thinning hair look youthful and lush. That’s why many of Hollywood’s leading men use hair systems. If hair systems are good enough for these five men in the public eye, then they can work for you, too!

John Travolta

We all remember “Saturday Night Fever,” during which Travolta danced at discos while showing off a luscious mane of hair. Unfortunately for him, age has thinned those once-beloved locks. A hair system have helped Travolta combat Father Time skillfully, though.

Whether he’s playing Vincent Vega in “Pulp Fiction” or sporting a sparkling salt-and-pepper look for “The Forger,” hair systems have allowed Travolta to continue to land leading roles well into his 60s.

Nicolas Cage

There are obvious parallels to Travolta, as Cage is roughly the same age with a similar resume. They even starred together in the 1997 thriller “Face/Off.” Like his co-star, Cage also has used hair systems when playing certain characters.
While Cage has been open to playing roles that expose his hair loss, he’s definitely rocked a hair system in movies such as “Con-Air.” Anyone who’s seen that movie knows his long locks were way more believable than his Southern accent.

Robert Pattinson

Not all stars who wear hair systems are “old,” as the 29-year-old Pattinson has been fighting hair loss since his early 20s. You wouldn’t know it from watching the Twilight movies, but being Team Edward means being Team hair system.
Pattinson pulls off his hair skillfully, as evidenced by the adoration of millions of teenage girls. Odds are his adoring masses have no idea that he has hair loss.

Ben Affleck

By now you’ve seen commercials for the new “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” movie, where Affleck skillfully projects Bruce Wayne’s wealth and extravagance while sporting striking dark hair.
The truth is Affleck has been losing hair since his “Good Will Hunting” days and uses hair systems in almost all of his roles. That hasn’t stopped him from dating the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner, though!

Matthew McConaughey

All right, all right, all right. When thinking of McConaughey, you probably envision a calm, cool and collected Texan who sweeps women off their feet with his earthy attitude and rugged good looks, which are definitely helped by his blonde, luscious locks.
McConaughey’s hair isn’t natural, though, as he was discovered wearing a hair system as early as 1999. The actor hasn’t had trouble getting dates or roles in the 17 years since, showing the true power of good hair.

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