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Is it possible to get close to someone while wearing a hair system?

If you’re one of the many individuals that uses a hair system, or if you’re someone who is currently considering it as an option, there’s no doubt that you have given a great deal of thought pertaining to whether or not you can get close to someone in an emotional or physical way while you try and maintain the secrecy of being an individual who wears a hair system.

Concerns vary from; wondering if one’s new girlfriend or boyfriend will be able to feel or visibly see their hair system. Some even wonder if they can play with their kids without them pulling their hair system right off. These are honest and common concerns.

Thankfully, you can rest assured that you can in fact live a normal life while wearing a hair replacement system. The key to doing that is by ensuring that you wear the proper hair system for your head. Off the shelf, one size fits all wigs, especially those constructed with heavy base materials, that are not custom-made to the exact contours of your head will be easily detectable to sight and touch.

It’s important that you consider the following options in order to achieve the ultimate undetectable look for your hair replacement system:

Hair System Base:

In order to stand up to the scrutiny of wandering hands and prying eyes, you’ll need to choose a proper base material that is ultra-thin and that is undetectable to sight or touch.

The skin and lace systems are both very suitable choices unlike the older and more traditional monofilament base. Even though it is a longer lasting solution, it simply won’t be suitable due to the fact that the material is thicker and can easily be detected by wandering hands.

The Skin base is only 0.08mm thick and seems to almost disappear when it’s correctly bonded to an individual’s scalp. It is 100% completely transparent, so even if you’re under close inspection, only your scalp will be visible. The ultra-thin Lace option, which is feather-light, similarly becomes invisible upon fitting. These options are so incredibly thin and fine that if anyone were to run their hands through your head, they wouldn’t feel a thing.

Correct Bonding:

The first step in the process of achieving invisibility is simply to select a system that has the most undetectable base. What is imperative is the method in which you bond the hair system to your head. Choosing an improper or weak bond may not just cause slippage on the head, but it can also create an unnatural noise if it’s touched. Your scalp needs to be completely clean and free from any hair and any residue before applying any new tape or adhesive. You can use a variety of different products to clean your scalp such as isopropyl alcohol or citrus-based removal products like C-22 or Ultra Safe. Remember that even a slight speck of fuzz or adhesive residue can greatly affect how well your hair system bonds to your head, so it’s important to take the proper cleaning measures.

Once your head is fully prepped and buffed, you’ll need to use a high strength adhesive like Ghost Bond or Supertape to secure your skin base in place. Please take note to not apply the adhesive directly to the lace because it must first be applied to the skin.

Correct Maintenance:

To be sure that you’re maximizing the natural appearance of your hair replacement system and to ensure that your confidence will continue, you’ll need to take a few steps in order to keep it looking marvelous because, clearly the human hair that is used in your system is no longer growing or being nourished by the oils from your scalp.

Due to the fact that your hair system has most likely been colored it will therefore require some extra TLC in order to prevent premature color loss and maintain it’s vibrancy. The specific shampoo and conditioner that you use will dramatically affect the look, feel and the longevity of your hair. We advise that individuals select a product that is as natural as possible. It’s crucial that the products chosen are definitely free of paraben and SLS. Thankfully, even the cheaper brands today are now beginning to switch to chemical-free products due to customer demand. The less processed ingredients in your hair care products the better!

It’s essential to look for products that contain “softening” properties and ingredients that color protect. There’s a wide variety to choose from but some of the more beneficial components to look for are mango, avocado, henna, honey, larch tree and chamomile.

You don’t have to purchase costly hair care products from salons, but avoiding cheap chemical-laden products that can strip your hair of its color and cause damage is definitely worth the investment even if it may cost a little more. If you blow-dry your hair you have to use a heat protection spray, the more gentle the better. Using a UV protective spray on your hair while being exposed to the sun is incredibly beneficial as well. This may seem a bit fussy, but your hair will just not be at it’s best if you don’t take proper care of it.

Taking the time to correctly bond your hair system and to always treat it properly, it will sit atop your head in secret, discreet and natural way. So, go forth and live your life!