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The Difference Between Hair Replacement and Wigs

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If you are like many people who when they first started to read about hair systems and wigs are left with questions like “what is the difference”? This is something we are asked quite often. Aren’t hair replacement systems and wigs basically the same thing? Well, here is a basic rundown of the explanation that is normally given by hair replacement providers to explain how thinning hair can be concealed. Hair replacement is a phrase that has been around for over twenty years to separate themselves from wigs. It was considered to be a more progressive solution to thinning hair and hair loss. A hair replacement system has several stages, such as scalp preparation, a hair system fitting, a styling session that also involves showing you steps on how to maintain your hair. The entire systems focus is on duplicating the look of your hair before you noticed your hair was thinning. What Is A Hair Replacement System? Trying to explain a Hair Replacement System in spite of all the 1990’s marketing and commercials showcasing hair systems, it is actually quite difficult. Hair systems are made from hand woven 100% real human hair or synthetic hair. The base that the hair is attached to is made from different materials. Two of the more common materials are a lace material or a very thin “skin” like material. The hair that is attached to the base and then the bottom of the base is then attached to the client’s head non-surgically. Once the system is in place and secure, the hair is then cut and styled to blend in to your hair on the sides and back. This gives you an undetectable look. During your initial hair [...]

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The Top Six Reasons to Wear Human Hair Wigs

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Losing hair can be psychologically devastating, as well as unsightly. Some people want a wig to look different for an occasion. Whether a person wants a new look or because they have hair loss is due to alopecia areata or cancer, looking good is a vital part of maintaining self-esteem and confidence. Here's why human hair wigs can make all the difference to hair loss and make someone feel a million dollars. They Don't Look Like a Wig Some synthetic wigs just shout "wig," as they have a firm appearance and feel like plastic. A human hair wig, on the other hand, is more natural in touch and texture. Human hair is softer and finer than a synthetic wig. The hairline also looks more natural with a human hair wig, and the movement of the hairs is very realistic. The color in a synthetic wig looks flat, but with a human hair piece, the colors have far more dimension, enhancing that natural look. Human Hair Wigs Are Easier to Style While some synthetic wigs are rigid in appearance and feel firm to touch, a human hair wig is more versatile. The client will be able to get a human hair wig styled to their preference, and many are very easy to cut to shape. If they want more volume, they can get a layered style and a feminine look by having a shoulder-length wig. With a human hair wig, it can even be colored in a different shade. But wig wearers need to go easy on the color. Even with a wig, too much colorant can damage the hair. They Have Good Heat Resistance Some synthetic wigs are not very heat-resistant, and if they get [...]

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Breast Cancer & Chemotherapy Wigs

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Chemotherapy & Breast Cancer Wigs October is a special month to many. So many people see it as the first full month of fall (the BEST season ever). Others love the Halloween spirit and joy that it comes with. We think everyone can appreciate the month of fall for everything it stands for, as it is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Organizations like the NFL are proud supporters of finding a cure for breast cancer, along with many other professional sports franchises. We just wanted to take a moment to share our support for finding a cure, and that we know first hand the toll cancer can take on an individual. At Van Scoy Hair Clinics, we work with many cancer patients day in and day out helping them find the perfect look. As we all know, chemotherapy is an aggressive treatment that has a few side effects. One of which being hair loss. With everything that is happening in our client’s life, we don’t want them to have to worry about their hair as well. So we take our 100% natural human hair wigs and customize them to fit whomever is in need. We style them to exactly what each client would like, and after we are done, all they have to worry about is being the person they’ve always been, while focusing on getting better. Here at Van Scoy Hair Clinics, privacy and security are our priority. Many of our clients want to be discrete about their hair loss and chemo, so they come to us even before the hair loss begins. We can closely match up what your natural hair looks like, and our custom chemotherapy wigs. So if that’s you today, or you [...]

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How to Prevent Breakage While Protectively Styling with Wigs

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While wearing a wig is a great way to try new hairstyles and save some time on daily hair maintenance, many women also use wigs as a way to allow their natural hair a chance to grow. If you've experienced significant breakage, hair loss or thinning edges, wearing a wig can be a simple way to reduce stress on your hair. However, you should choose carefully, because the wrong wig and hair care regimen can result in more damage. Picking the Right Wig Choosing a premium quality, European human hair wig is the best way to go if you’re concerned about it looking natural or styling it. Be sure to pick the style and color that fit your features. It’s best to bring a close friend or family member along with you so you can get their honest opinion on how it looks. At Van Scoy Hair Clinics we use Private Issue lifestyle custom human hair wigs that our stylists and technicians will custom fit and style for you. Our customized wigs are fitted with a lightweight cap and hand tied refined materials that conform to your head. At Van Scoy you’ll find much higher quality wigs than store bought brands and our wig stylists are the best hair replacement stylists around. Caring for Your Natural Hair To protect your hair underneath a wig, wear it in braids or wrap the hair. At Van Scoy our technicians will appropriately prep your scalp for your fitting. It is very important to work with a professional to choose a protective style that doesn't put unnecessary stress on your scalp. Before wearing any wig, make sure your hair is completely dry. Wet hair is more prone to breakage, [...]

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Five Prominent Celebrities Who Regularly Wear Hair Systems

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Deciding to use wigs and toupees is tough for many men, as they’re often concerned with wearing the one that does not look natural. However, the right hair system can make thinning hair look youthful and lush. That's why many of Hollywood's leading men use hair systems. If hair systems are good enough for these five men in the public eye, then they can work for you, too! John Travolta We all remember “Saturday Night Fever,” during which Travolta danced at discos while showing off a luscious mane of hair. Unfortunately for him, age has thinned those once-beloved locks. A hair system have helped Travolta combat Father Time skillfully, though. Whether he's playing Vincent Vega in “Pulp Fiction” or sporting a sparkling salt-and-pepper look for “The Forger,” hair systems have allowed Travolta to continue to land leading roles well into his 60s. Nicolas Cage There are obvious parallels to Travolta, as Cage is roughly the same age with a similar resume. They even starred together in the 1997 thriller “Face/Off.” Like his co-star, Cage also has used hair systems when playing certain characters. While Cage has been open to playing roles that expose his hair loss, he's definitely rocked a hair system in movies such as “Con-Air.” Anyone who's seen that movie knows his long locks were way more believable than his Southern accent. Robert Pattinson Not all stars who wear hair systems are "old," as the 29-year-old Pattinson has been fighting hair loss since his early 20s. You wouldn't know it from watching the Twilight movies, but being Team Edward means being Team hair system. Pattinson pulls off his hair skillfully, as evidenced by the adoration of millions of teenage girls. Odds are his adoring masses have no idea [...]

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Three Tips You Need to Know Before Buying a Wig

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There are many reasons why you might find yourself considering wearing a wig, but if you've never actually shopped for a wig before, you may have some misconceptions about them. Contrary to popular belief, there are many wigs that not only look and feel natural, but also complement your features and seem as though they were actually your real hair. To achieve this, you simply need to be more informed about wigs and how to select a good quality wig that suits you. Choose a wig style that complements your face Just as not every hairstyle you tried was suitable for your features, not every wig will look right on you, either. The first step to choosing a good wig is to find a style and color to match your features, which will help the wig to look more natural on you. One of our Hair Loss Specialist can determine the perfect wig for you based on what your looking for and our expertise at fitting wigs to your features that will look natural. Don't be afraid to ask for opinions You may not want everyone to know you are wearing a wig, but having someone along to offer his or her honest opinion can be extremely helpful. A wig that looks comfortable and natural to you may not look so to others, so having a friend who can offer suggestions and help you choose is worthwhile. We always encourage people to bring someone they can trust that can be there to help. Choose a high-quality wig Wigs are made with varying methods of construction. You don't necessarily need to be an expert on wig construction to choose a good one, but knowing a little [...]

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How to Properly Care for Your Human Hair Wig

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Finding and choosing the right wigs for you is a big deal. It can be a life-changing experience and is truly an investment in yourself and your future. It is important then to take good care of your wigs on a regular and consistent basis to keep them looking new, clean, and stylish. These imperative care practices are necessary for all kinds of wigs, despite differing in specific processes for the various types. Human hair wigs, for example, can be cleaned and styled differently than synthetic hair wigs, but both require such upkeep (ie – regular cleaning) to ensure longevity. Though most conventional wigs are synthetic, today we are going to talk about four different areas of proper care practices for human hair wigs. Storing When not being worn, your wig should always be stored on a wig block or wig stand to keep it from getting tangled, damaged, or misshapen. It is best to keep the stand in a dry location that is free from moisture, mold, dirt, and dust as well as extreme temperatures. High heat, from a lamp or direct sunlight, should be avoided. Cleaning To clean your wig, begin by making sure that it is free of tangles by working through the strands with a comb, starting at the ends and working towards the cap. You will use shampoo for cleaning the wig, but it is important to avoid brands like Clairol, Pantene, Sauve, or Head & Shoulders as these products contain a high percentage of chemicals that accelerate the loss of color and moisture. Some hair specialists will recommend that you wash your wig by submerging it in water while others will suggest sticking to running water or even cleaning [...]