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Four of the Hottest Mid-Length Hairstyles for Summer

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Celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian and Rita Ora have debuted mid-length hairstyles that are sure to wow people this summer. Whether you plan to spend your vacation at the beach or in exotic cities, looking to these women for guidance gets your summer started in style. Khloe Kardashian Khloe Kardashian bade sayonara to her longer locks and said hello to a vibrant, lively cut that took a few inches off her hair length. Her hair lightly touches her shoulders, and thanks to the master layering technique, her new locks have plenty of movement and volume. Customize this look to match your preferences; for example, if you want hair that is straight or more windswept, you can get it. Rita Ora At the Glamour Music Beauty Festival, Rita Ora debuted a stunning new hairstyle that curls and softens her locks. Luckily, her stylist described exactly what he did, so you can get yours to duplicate the effort. In segments, braid your hair and use irons to get the texture to stay. While this hairstyle might not last more than a few days, it’s a cool way to experiment. Charlize Theron This hairstyle is similar to Khloe Kardashian’s, but Charlize Theron's is a bit shorter and the part is in the middle (Khloe’s hair is parted to one side). Blond highlights with dark roots look terrific when you strut around with this hairstyle, and no matter how “messy” you make it, you look perfect for the beach and for cities all around the world. Julianne Hough If you want to take the messy look to a new level, try Julianne Hough’s shaggy ‘do. This look, parted in the middle, is especially effective if you want to make [...]