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Four Fabulous Ethnic Hair Styles: The Pros and Cons of Wearing Extensions

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While natural hairstyles are enjoying a comeback this spring, don't give up on your extensions just yet. There are plenty of updos, braided looks and longer locks that might have you reaching for that extra length. This spring, be on the lookout for unique buns, interesting braided patterns, plenty of long locks and magnificent curls.     High Twisted Bun A classic ballerina bun takes on an interesting twist with some knotting close to the scalp. If your hair isn't long enough to fill out the entire bun, pop in a few extensions to add some length. Once you have enough hair anchored, start at the scalp, working in small, triangular sections. Break each section into two parts and tie hair into a knot close to the scalp. Work back to the place where the bun will sit. Continue all around the scalp until there are neat knots laid at regular intervals. Then use a bun filler and wrap the hair around, creating a sleek, beautiful bun on the crown of your head. Braids Are Always In Braided looks remain popular since they are versatile and low maintenance. Any hairstyle you can do without braids, you can do with. Plus, you can choose the length and pattern. Three-strand, five-strand and even some interesting two-strand techniques make every braided do an original. Twisting Up the Long Locks Locks work a lot like braids, with sleek twists tying up hair to the end. Locks can be as long as you like with added extensions, giving you a short hairstyle when you want or long, flowing locks for a night out. Like braids, locks go in fairly easily and can stay in for months, so you might get [...]