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Red hair is rareRed hair is rare and the unspoken battle between hair colors has been going on for ages. Brunettes shudder at the idea of blondes having the most fun, and redheads are sick of the stigma tied to their hair color, along with nicknames. Today we end the war of the shades and tell you that, indeed, redheads are rare and do have more fun.

The Science Behind How Red Hair Is Rare

For all you redheads out there, know that you truly are one of a kind. Less than 2 percent of the world’s population is born a redhead, and it’s very difficult to be blessed with those beautiful ruby locks. For someone to be born with red hair, both parents must carry the recessive mutated MC1R gene, which is located on chromosome number 16. Even more rare is a blue-eyed redhead; this combination is found in less than 1 percent of the world’s population. Any blue-eyed, red-haired anomalies out there? Thank your parents!

The Posers

Since having red hair is so rare, many people will do whatever it takes to appear as if they were born with the color; on the downside, dying your hair red is extremely high maintenance, and it can be expensive. The color fades quickly, but for many people it is worth the time and effort. If you don’t want to make that big of a commitment, you can change to a strawberry blonde or burnt brown color. Neither are classically red, but hints and hues of the color can be almost as good as the real thing! A redhead can light up a room and is sure to have heads turning at the sight of such a rare and magnificent mane.

The Real Deal

Want proof that redheads do in fact have more fun? Just take a look at some of the most famous natural reds. Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Kidman and Isla Fisher are just a few celebrities who rock the red. Throughout almost the entirety of their careers, these women have kept their red hair and represented redheads throughout the globe proudly. Not only are they beautiful, but they definitely have a lot of fun (maybe Lindsay Lohan a bit too much).

The moral of the story is that regardless of your hair color, it is all about the attitude. Redheads spend their lives standing out so they may have a head start, but be yourself and your true colors will shine.

Hair Loss Does Not Have To Prevent You From Having Red Hair

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Photo Credit: Brooke Duckart Flickr Creative Commons