Laser Hair Therapy: The Future of Hair Replacement

Laser Hair Therapy: The Future of Hair Replacement Many people have tried to disguise hair loss with comb-overs, wigs, hats or toupees, even though these solutions were temporary. Eventually, men and women suffering from hair loss could turn to hair replacement surgery for a more permanent solution. Others were frightened by the thought of a surgical procedure and continued with temporary solutions. Today, there is a better, permanent, non-surgical solution to hair loss: laser hair therapy. Technology Meets Hair Loss Laser hair therapy or low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is a new, scientific and technologically savvy approach to the treatment of thinning hair and baldness, as well as other conditions of the scalp. During the laser hair therapy treatment, a device containing low levels of laser energy transfers that energy to the scalp, where the energy is released in the form of a laser light. The light rotates its position and reaches multiple affected areas of the scalp; as the light makes contact with the scalp, it stimulates hair follicles, which prompt better circulation. As an effect of the stimulation and enhanced circulation, the follicles are able to produce new, healthy hair. What Are the Benefits of Laser Hair Therapy? Men and women who choose laser hair therapy for mild or beginning stages of hair loss are likely to have the most beneficial experiences after undergoing 10 or more sessions. The biggest benefit is that these individuals can begin growing their own, natural hair. While this end result can be achieved through hair replacement surgery, many appreciate the fact that laser hair therapy is non-invasive. Others may use laser hair therapy in combination with hair replacement surgery in efforts to speed up the healing and growth. [...]