Men’s Hairstyles – Looking Back Over 50 Years

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Men’s Hairstyles – Looking Back Over 50 Years

Let’s face it. Men’s hairstyles, and the attention paid to them, have come a long way.

A lot of people think that the preoccupation men have with their hair has come about only recently.  Think popular styles like quiffs, undercuts, man buns, etc.  But men have been preoccupied with their hair for a very long time. 

In face, this infographic courtesy of HairStyleonPoint gives us an eye into the last 50 years or so of how men have been obsessing over their hair.  Check it out. It’s fascinating. 

One other point we’d like to make.  A lot of men think that because of their thinning hair or the fact that they are suffering from male pattern baldness, they can’t have the hair styles or look they want.  That’s also just flat out untrue.  At Van Scoy Hair Clinics, we’ve been helping men restore their hair, their style, and their lives for over 40 years. 

If you think you’d like to live your life with great looking hair again, give us a call.  We’ll show you the options and let you decide.  Men’s hair styles have come a long way, and so has men’s hair restoration options… regardless of your age or hair type.


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