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Raise Your Self-Esteem And Be Your Best You in 2017

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Unfortunately, hair loss is something that many women face during their lifetime. In fact, female pattern hair loss affects almost 40 percent of American women. This can lead to loss of self-esteem and confidence, an unfortunate side effect of the condition. However, hair loss doesn’t mean you should also lose your self-esteem. This New Year could be your best one yet! My Story of Hair Loss For me, hair loss was a result of stress. A move, a break up and family issues were causing me to lose sleep and, even worse, my hair. I noticed it in the shower at first. The average woman can lose between 50 to 100 hairs per day, but it was clear my problem was far greater than normal. Before I knew it, my hair was starting to look thin in places it had never before, and my confidence was dashed. Fortunately, the stresses in my life have calmed substantially. That, combined with tailored treatment and careful planning, have curbed any continued hair loss. But I understand the pain and loss of self-worth women experience when their hair is affected. Types of Hair Loss in Women To combat your hair loss and bring back your confidence, it’s important to understand the type of hair loss you are experiencing. Some hair loss, like mine, happens due to lifestyle changes or adjustments. The following can affect your hair in different ways: Stress or anxiety Pregnancy Hormonal birth control There are also medical reasons that women may face hair loss, such as alopecia or complications from medicine. Finding the Light in 2017 Make the resolution to remain positive and focused on yourself in the New Year. Though you may feel your self-confidence [...]