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Rogaine: Stop Losing – Start Gaining

the #1 Dermatologist Recommended Hair Regrowth Brand.


Have you been noticing more hair on your pillow each morning and seeing that your hair is thinning out when you comb or brush your hair? It is important to note that hereditary hair loss, Androgenic Alopecia, is progressive and the sooner you do something about it the better. Now is the time to take action to stop and reverse your hair loss.

Doctor recommended, FDA approved Rogaine is clinically proven to help you keep and regrow your hair. Rogaine is also available without a prescription.

Rogaine® Extra Strength for Men may deliver results after just two months if used as directed. All Rogaine® products are colorless and virtually odorless liquid treatments that must be used twice a day by applying the product directly to the scalp where the hair loss is occurring. Rogaine® products are available without prescription. These products should be used only by adults 18 or older and women should not use the Rogaine® Extra Strength for Men.

Hair Regrowth Treatment

As with hair loss, the hair regrowth process takes time. Rogaine® users should use the product for 12 months to determine their best results with the product.

Propecia® (finasteride) blocks an isoenzyme which results in the drop in serum and scalp dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Male pattern baldness is caused by too much DHT and by effectively lowering DHT levels, it will reduce the effect of hair loss. Propecia® works better for early male pattern baldness. It is also better at the prevention of hair loss than regrowth and is more effective in the vertex area of the scalp than the frontal scalp.

It is a good idea to use Propecia® in conjunction with Rogaine® as they appear to complement one another. The Rogaine® works as a fertilizer in that it stimulates cell division and growth in the cells of follicles. Propecia® works at keeping those follicles healthy in preventing the build-up of DHT.


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