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John Travolta Has Great Looking Hair, So Can You

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In the hit film "Grease," the tall, oily pompadour hairstyle sported by the Thunderbirds symbolized the youthful energy of America's favorite high school greaser gang. And who could have led the group better than John Travolta? Trademarked by plentiful black hair, piercing blue eyes and a devilish smile, Travolta transformed fictional characters like Vinny Barbarino, Tony Manero and urban cowboy Bud Davis into enduring pop-culture icons. But, as we know, thick hair doesn't always stick around (no matter how much grease it gets). Like millions of men, John Travolta eventually discovered he had male pattern baldness. But instead of giving in, the actor reworked his look in a variety of ways, using hair-replacement technology and thickening artistry to recover the voluminous hair that helped make him famous. The "Comb-Back" Kid By the time the classically-trained New Jersey native staked a Hollywood comeback in 1994 with a part in "Pulp Fiction," Travolta's forehead was clearly a few inches more in the spotlight than in his earlier work. His battle with baldness was confirmed to the country when a fan in a California gym photographed the classically trained actor and singer. In the widely published photo, the actor who had once evoked a disco revolution looked more like a lawn-mowing suburbanite than a dancing machine. The photo was widely published and fans settled into the idea of a balding John Travolta, only to be shocked months later when he showed up at an event with a full head of dark hair. Welcome Back, Hair Although male pattern baldness is a condition affecting millions or more, Travolta's example shows us the condition doesn't have to be endured when so many treatment options are available. Any man whose story [...]