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Are the Holidays Dulling Your Hair?

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During the holidays, everyone wants his or her hair to be on point. Hair stylists are likely to see an uptick in last-minute appointments as people prepare for holiday parties and galas. However, the holidays also bring many surprise stress triggers, some of which can affect the luster of your hair. Let's explore the science behind dull hair during the holidays and how you can keep your lock healthy and strong all season long. How Does Stress Dull Hair? When you're operating at 100 percent, your body is constantly producing new hair growth. Stress shuts down unnecessary functions, and unfortunately the body doesn't put hair first. Under extreme stress, hair will cease to regrow as natural shedding occurs. This can leave your locks dull and thinned out, not something you hope for during the holiday season. What Contributes to Holiday Stress? While the holiday period is generally seen as a fun-filled time of year, there are plenty of things that can cause stress. Over-indulgence in rich treats and drinks can often leave people feeling full, bloated and ready for their New Year's resolution. Thinking about the extra calories taken in during the holidays can cause major stress. Too many obligations to family, friends and co-workers can put your body out of whack. The holidays often bring a fuller schedule, money woes and last-minute shopping trips that can all be huge contributors to end-of-the-year stress. The holiday season can also lead to eating more carbs or consuming more alcohol. Studies show alcohol can be one of the causes of hair loss. If you're already stressed, this can be a one-two punch to your follicles. Tips to Combat Dull Holiday Hair The holidays don't have to be [...]

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Home for the Holidays With Hair Loss

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You've already booked your tickets to go home for the holidays, but as the departure date approaches, you're beginning to feel anxious. You know that you've been battling hair loss this year, and so you're a bit worried about seeing people who remember you with a thick head of hair. While many people struggle with hair loss, it's not uncommon for your confidence to take a hit when your hair looks thinner than you'd like. Rather than just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, here are five tips to help you become more zen about your thinning locks before your big holiday trip. Don't Stress It's easy to worry about seeing family and friends when your physical appearance has changed, but stress can actually accelerate hair loss. Try to fit regular exercise and breaks into the busy holiday season to manage mild anxiety as it appears. Yoga and meditation are also good ways to stay stress-free. Get a Cut and Color You Love Don't ignore your hair just because it's thinning. Invest in an excellent cut before the holidays, so you can confidently attend holiday parties and get-togethers. If you want to make your hair appear thicker, consult with your hairstylist. Dyeing your hair or cutting it shorter are two ways to boost thinning strands. Ditch Your Frenemies The friends you visit should like you for your sparkling personality — not the hair on your head. If you have friends who are unkind, maybe it's time to skip visiting them this year. Instead of going to a big holiday celebration, try organizing small meet-ups with the friends you really want to see while you're in town. Consider Wearing a Wig If the idea [...]