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Benefits for Your Hair When Hitting the Ocean Beaches This Summer

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Imagine for a moment that you're a single strand of hair. When you first emerge from the cozy confines of your very own follicle, you're vibrant and loaded with moisture. All that moisture makes you flexible and responsive, and it gives you a healthy sheen. However, anything that threatens to dehydrate you is an assault on your very essence. Ultraviolet sunlight, low humidity heat and salt water can all turn your once ebullient identity into a dull, lifeless representation of your former self. When you and your thousands of buddies join in the next trek to the beach, the triple threat of sun, sand and salt water will appear once again. However, this time, take advantage of available defenses against the assault on your well-being. There are even benefits to the scalp you rely on for your very presence. Taking on the Challenge The goal is to protect all those hair strands while letting the mineral-rich salt water work its therapeutic magic on your scalp. First, simply apply a pre-conditioner before you dive in to the next approaching wave. For very dry or colored hair, apply oil such as coconut oil to your hair. Take advantage of the fact that oil and water don't mix to allow the salt water to sooth your scalp. Salt Water Benefits In general, salt water has a detoxifying effect on your skin and scalp. It can also enhance the healing process and reduce swelling. Although seawater cannot eliminate skin disorders like eczema or psoriasis, it may have a therapeutic and soothing effect on irritated skin. Research has also identified the antibiotic effect of seawater. After chloride and sodium, the third most common element in ocean water is magnesium, which [...]

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The Four Stages of Hair Growth

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Stages of Hair Growth If you are suffering from hair loss it may actually give you a better understanding of “why” if you know how hair grows. Hair growth stems from a follicle, which is a sac like structure designed to generate hair and regulate the hair growth cycle. The follicle sits beneath the skin and is nourished by blood vessels. There are four stages a hair goes through from growth to when it falls out. Anagen Stage The growth phase of the cycle is called the anagen stage. This stage typically lasts from two all the way up to about seven years. The hairs length will be determined during this growth period. On a regular basis almost all of the hair on your head is in the anagen phase and those who have trouble growing hair probably have shorter anagen stages. Catagen Stage Following the anagen stage is the catagen phase or the transition phase. When the anagen phase is complete and the catagen phase begins the follicles decrease in size and fall from the dermal papilla. This phase lasts for ten days. Resting Stage Older hair will be in the resting phase for approximately three months. At any point in time only about 10% of hairs are in the resting stage. New hair growth will begin to overlap the older hair during this phase. Exogen Stage The exogen stage begins during the end of the resting stage. The old hair falls out or exits while new hair grows. The average person loses 50-100 hairs each day. This amount of hair loss during the exogen stage is completely normal. Maintaining a healthy diet and being gentle on your hair are great ways to keep [...]