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Eight Best Men’s Hair Trends for 2017

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The modern man makes sure to keep up with changing hair trends, but also knows when classical, timeless cuts are best. That said, he also isn’t afraid to bring out his own individual style when it comes to his locks. Check out the latest hot hairstyles worn by celebrities, and then choose the one that’s right for you. The Subtle, Sensual Waves Celebrity style: We saw this recently on Oscar Isaac, who pulled off a real proper gentleman look. If you’re lucky enough to still have lots of hair, this is a classy, understated hairstyle. The Old-Hollywood Man Celebrity Style: Ryan Gosling, who looks good with any hairstyle, wears this Gatsby Hollywood tradition on the red carpet. It’s a sure bet that old-Hollywood style looks great on younger men in the industry. The Side-Swept and Sexy Look Celebrity Style: Look at Joe Manganiello, who takes having a mane to a whole new level of manly appeal. His salt and pepper-colored beard is nicely groomed for an extra masculine effect. If you choose to grow out your hair, make sure your eyebrows are properly groomed (plucked) to perfection. The Sun-Kissed Surfer Celebrity Style: Austin Butler completes the tanned and toned bodily ensemble with his surfer waves that look effortless and very attractive. For men with longer hair, a leave-in conditioner can work wonders. The Undercut Celebrity Style: We’ve learned to trust Justin Bieber’s ever-evolving style. His bleached undercut is best for young men, as it borders on the adolescent trends of not playing it safe. And we don’t expect anything less from the pop star. The Classy Side-Part Celebrity Style: George Clooney just keeps getting better with age. To perfect this super stylish look, use a [...]

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Timeline of Trendy Hairstyles Throughout the World

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No matter what style it’s been through the ages, hair remains our crowning glory. Let’s look at how hair trends have changed throughout the eras and decades of history. Ancient Egypt Men and women wore shoulder-length hair and wigs. Young boys shaved their heads except for a single “lock of youth.” Young girls’ hair was often braided. Ancient Greece Greek women loved using headbands and flowers for hair accessories. Men had shorter hairstyles. Those who were not soldiers often wore beards. Ancient Rome Romans used wigs and false hairpieces. The richer, the more elaborate, with pearls and jewels pinned on. Men preferred a clean-shaven face. The Far East and Africa Buns Buddha-style was the custom. Young Thai and Burmese boys wore high buns, while Chinese women kept their hair long. Chinese men would braid their locks. In Japan, women grew out their hair. They would pin it up in buns, using flowers, hand-painted combs and hair-stick. Tribal warrior men colored and braided their hair. Often, married women shaved their heads. Native Americans Mohawks were made with both fake and real hair, and they believed that more hair meant more wisdom and power. Western World in the Middle Ages In the 13th and 14th centuries, women wore simple long hair in waves, braided or in chignons. Veils and hats were fashionable. Renaissance In Western Europe, women began dyeing their hair blonde, as this began to be considered beautiful. Elizabethan Era, 1500s to 1600s Pale skin and red hair followed the queen’s fashion. Rouge makeup was trendy, as was white facial powder. 18th Century Wigs were everywhere. Both men and women wore high coiffures. Feathers, jewels and extravaganza adorned. Victorian Era 1800s to 1900s Toning down the [...]