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Hair loss videos are a great way to anticipate the results of your hair restoration treatment and see the results up close. More than photos, video provide the opportunity to see how natural our restoration can look. View our gallery of hair loss videos to see the results enjoyed by real clients.

Dana’s Testimonial

Dana’s Testimonial

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Multi-Unit Hair Grafting and Laser Treatments

Multi-Unit Hair Grafting and Laser Treatments

Hair and Scalp Analysis

Hair and Scalp Analysis

Women’s Hair Loss and Solutions

Women's Hair Loss and Solutions at PAI Medical Group

Women experience hair loss differently than men. The hair that’s lost is often between healthy hair, and while a solution may seem unattainable, there are any ways to solve this type of hair loss.

Grow Your Own Natural Hair

VGrow Your Own Natural Hair with PAI Medical Group

Growing your own, natural hair is now easier than ever with a refined process known as Multi-Unit Hair GraftingTM. This refined process allows for maximum hair density in fewer sessions with guaranteed results.

Men’s Hair Loss and Solutions

Men's Hair Loss and Solution - PAI Medical Group

Men’s hair loss is the most prevalent cosmetic change that men undergo in their lifetimes. The amount of and pattern of hair lost are as varied as the individual, but generally fall into one of a few patterns, such as the crown, the typical horseshoe pattern or temple to full frontal hair loss. Solutions are very easily unattainable and there are many ways to solve most types of hair loss.

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