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3 Reasons Why You Should Grab That Shampoo and Beware of Dirty Hair

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One current "in" thing for personal beauty is not washing your hair. Dirty hair can be a mistake because your scalp health deteriorates. Your hair also can become dull and lose volume. Here are a few reasons why it’s still worth your while to grab that shampoo (and conditioner). It’s Better for Morale Guess what happens when you wait a long stretch to wash your hair? You lose more at once, and while that signals nothing abnormal, it’s bound to get you down. You try hard to take care of your hair, and here it is, falling out…and out…and out. When you wait days to wash your hair, odds are high that you use a few products to compensate or help. The thing is, these products aren’t weightless, and the nerve endings near your hair follicles feel the stress. You could experience headaches and pain, especially when taking down a hairstyle at the end of a long day. Also, the news is bad if you value your abundant locks; over time, this type of strain may cause your hairline to lose some ground. Not good for morale at all. Dirty Hair Has a Domino Effect People wash things to clean them, so the fact that your hair becomes dirty after a few days of no shampooing is not a surprise. What may be unexpected, however, is the ripple effect of dirty hair. For one thing, your hair shines less. The dirt isn’t blocking light per se, but it is making your hair rougher, and rough hair just doesn't reflect light well. Shampoo helps your locks shine, and conditioner gives them that extra oomph. The dust created by your dirty hair diminishes your hair’s innate ability [...]