What Every Man Should Know About DHT and Hair Loss

Many men think that thinning hair problems is as a result of high testosterone. But this is not always the case. DHT or Dihydrotestosterone does not mean high testosterone—it is only a byproduct of the hormone that all males have. It gets a bit complicated, but here are the basics you need to know, so that you can better understand your body and cope with experiencing hair loss. Baldness does not mean you have high testosterone Both men who have full heads of hair and men whose hair is thinning can have the exact same levels of testosterone. Studies have proven this. We know that males tend to lose hair as they age, and it cannot be all attributed to loss of testosterone. There are two categories of DHT The first one is called Serum DHT (in the blood). This is usually not related at all to pattern hair loss. There are some examples of serum DHT being higher in young men without hair loss. The second type of DHT is called Tissue DHT, which is normally higher in the scalp of men whose hair is thinning. The role of DHT in Hair Loss is Still Up for Debate Ultimately, it’s not like you can pop a pill of extra testosterone and start regaining hair. It is a bit more scientific than that. However, we do know that men’s bodies naturally produce more DHT than women’s bodies do. Hair loss may be an imbalance of testosterone and estrogen, but again this is different from person to person. Conclusion: As a man, your testosterone levels may stay even and consistent. But when you have a higher level of estrogen unbalancing it, that hormone leads to greater [...]