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How to Explain Hair Loss in Breast Cancer to Children

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A breast cancer diagnosis is a life-changing moment with many things to consider, from treatments to support. One of the challenges faced by most women is how to tell their family and friends. In particular, the hair loss from cancer can be a difficult topic to discuss, especially with children. Choose the Moment When you get a breast cancer diagnosis, you'll need time to gather your thoughts before telling others. A good time to tell children is when you have the facts and are just about to start treatment, but do explain in good time, as children will find sudden changes frightening. It is important to be open and honest, as kids have a way of finding out things online and through friends. Talking about hair loss in stages is helpful so children have time to absorb the information. A good explanation around hair loss is to explain that the cancer treatment affects fast-growing cells in the breast, and since hair cells grow quickly, they are also affected. Explaining that the chemotherapy is strong medicine and will help make you better is another positive message to children. Share the Experience Losing hair is traumatic for children to see. Even preschoolers will notice something is wrong. Explain that your hair will most likely fall out around one to two weeks after starting the treatment for breast cancer. Don't forget to explain that after the treatment, your hair will grow back. Kids also need time to think things through, so be open and encourage questioning with prompts such as, "Have you been thinking about my breast cancer? Do you want to ask questions about it?" Get Them Involved By getting your children involved in decisions, you will [...]