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My Hair Is Thinning What should I Do

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QUESTION: Hello Dennis, I came across your website and decided to write to you about a problem that has been plaguing me for about 6 to 8 months now. I do hope you can help guide me in the right direction. I used to have very very thick black hair till 2 years ago. However, it was a problem I effectively ignored till 6 months ago. Now, I do not have bald patches anywhere, but there has been such thinning that I fear that I soon will be bald!! You can actually see my scalp from between my hairs now, which was out of question before. I lose about 70 strands everyday, and this has been the case for at least 6 months now. I had hypothyroidism, but the condition has long been rectified by thyroxin, and my levels are normal now. I do not take any kind of external medication apart from thyroxin. No contraceptive pills either. All blood tests have been done, and I do not seem to suffer from anything serious. I was told it could be telogen effluvium, but surely that cannot last this long?? I have no other apparent symptoms apart from hair loss, to give me a pointer in a definite direction. Please can you help me? This condition has affected my sleep, and my life in general, making it difficult for me to even work at times. I look forward to hearing from you, when you may find time. Thank you Yours faithfully C.G. ANSWER: Dear C.G., Thank you for writing.  Keep in mind, I am not a Doctor and I only can respond with what I know. 70 hairs per day is actually a normal hair loss.  And, being able [...]